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€ 19,000  Villa for rent Primaverii area!D+P+1E| Land 1250 sqm|

Bucuresti, zona Primaverii,
  • Actualizat la: 21 Decembrie 2020
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  • 440
  • Numar Camere:
  • Suprafata utila:
    550 m2
  • Suprafata teren:
    1258 m2
  • Numar dormitoare:
  • Numar bai:
  • Balcoane si terase:
  • Configuratie

Descriere oferta

The residence built in the interwar period with special architectual elements, is located on the Herastrau Street, at the confluence of Mircea Eliade and Primaverii Boulevars, known as a luxurious residential area of Bucharest. The property’s land is generous, being one of the largest areas of villa in Primaverii.

The charming building has all the attributes of a home designed for people who want their comfort and tranquility in a luxurios property located in the middle of a select community, close to Herastrau Park, offering to a modern family the ideal space for a happy life in an area that takes full advantage of all the benefits of fresh air and tranquility.

The quality and good taste are perfectly combined in this property, starting with the consolidation and design procces, from architectural concepts, premium partitioning solutions and finishes to the backyard full of vegetation, completed by the discreetly placed porch. The natural stone along the wood, are in harmony with the modern furniture and the latest technology. The balance between the original features of the house and the current design elements is noted.

The building, fully consolidated in 2000 and completely refurbished in 2018, marks its charm both in the exterior and especially in the interior, where the carved massive wood elements reveal the surfaces of Venetian-style arcades, doors and windows decorated with Moorish influences with hand-painted stained-glass windows. The electrical and sanitary installations have been completely replaced, the building having a floor heating system in the bathrooms and domestic hot water recirculation to ensure the comfort required for a high standard of living. The finishes used are of the highest quality, the overall cost of the arrangement being a major investment.

The resistance structure is made for brick masonry walls and reinforced concrete pillars. Over each floor are reinforced concrete floors.

The future tenant will enjoy a smart home with the latest technology in the field. Smart technology allows you to control all the systems both inside and outside the house on your phone or on a tablet and is designed to ensure the convenience of the owners. Among the facilities offered include alarm, video surveillance, power driven reels, audio system, air conditioning and heating can be controlled remotely from the phone.

There are 10 parking spaces, arranged as follows: 4 seats in the yard (with the possibility of making a 5th parking lot) and 6 parking places with burglar system. Practical and functional, these bumps (retractable pillars that can be ordered by remote control, locally or remotely through an application installed on the mobile phone) provide the guarantee of parking spaces outside the courtyard.

The technical and service spaces consist of: guard cabin (+ sanitary group), waste disposal area, 3 exterior storages, central heating area, laundry, 2 kitchens and a cellar that can be transformed into a wine cellar or a panic (which is equipped with an armored door).

The recreation area is made up of a lounge area, a gazebo, a children’s playground, and the interior of the gym and massage room.The property offers an ideal place to relax, providing an elitist atmosphere through the generous living room, the comforting library and the terrace with a retractable canopied. They are complemented by an elegantly furnished office and kitchen with elements from Italy.

Stackable staircases bring us into the rest and living area of ​​4 bedrooms, plus a living area, 4 bathrooms, 3 dressing rooms and a room for the nanny.

The house’s furniture has been selected from high quality brands.

Outdoors, the property delights the view with a superb lawn, hedge and gardeners with decorative plants, and the complete irrigation system installed ensures the perfect maintenance of green spaces. The courtyard is equipped with automatic sprinklers and lawn mower, maintenance being self-sustaining, maintenance personnel is not needed.

The distinguished residence can be used immediately after the move.

The property offers essential benefits to active people for whom proximity to schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, restaurants, gyms or airports are important criteria in purchasing decisions.

The energetic efficiency of the villa is class A


Localitate: Bucuresti
Zona: Primaverii

Detalii oferta

Numar Camere: 10
Suprafata utila: 550 mp
Suprafata Teren: 1258 mp
Numar Dormitoare: 5
Numar Bai: 7
Numar Balcoane: 2
Front: 20 ml / nr fronturi 1
Deschidere: 20 ml
Etaj: 1/
Numar Bucatarii: 3
An Constructie: 1937

Alte caracteristici

Destinatie: Locuinta
Materiale: Caramida Porotherm
Structura: Beton
Tip: Individuala
Tip Curte: Individuala

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